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Todays card is Justice.  When we have an insight, we must figure out how to apply the new awarenss to our lives.  If we do not integrate it into  our world, we will lose what it offers us.  Rise up out of the limited thinking of the past and realize there is more that life is offering you.  


We all struggle with the emotion of sadness. It is worthwhile to ask, what purpose does this emotion serve? All emotions do serve a purpose whether we recognize that or not. Sadness is one of the feelings that is most difficult to understand. We need to start by acknowledging the truth that an emotion will not be rationalized away. But if we open our awareness and allow the emotion in, it will bring us a hidden gift. This gift will only come when we are gentle and accepting. In Greek Mythology the goddess Artemis has strong associations with the moon. In the Tarot, it is the High Priestess who sits above the Moon. Artemis is a huntress and is very active, while the High Priestess is very passive. There is a paradox here. We need to remember both Artemis and The High Priestess to deal with our emotions. Like the High Priestess we must be accepting and passive in the sense of not trying to avoid our feelings, but like Artemis, we must be willing to wander in the moon light, i.e. wander in our emotional state being feminine (Artemis is a female after all) waiting for something to show up.. As I said its paradoxical. What will show up is a new awareness, a new sense of appreciation for the gifts of life, all of which are transitory.


Todays card is the seven of swords reversed. WIth the number seven it is essential for us to observe with neutrality. .This card can represent the courage to follow your own guidance even when others do not support you OR..It can represent stealing other peoples ideas. When its reversed, it may represent the inability to think for yourself or a lack of courage.


Todays card was the Death card reversed. No one likes to see this card regardless of its orientation. .We need to remember that we are part of evolution and for evolution to move forward, old forms must die so that new ones can be reborn. When the death card is reversed, it may be indicating that we are refusing to change. What old forms are we holding onto? -Are we refusing to trust that new forms will be as fullfilling as what worked in the past? . Trust is key. .Do your best to go with the flow. Hang loose and enjoy the ride.

First Post

I keep hearing that blogging is important for those of us who wish to grow spiritually. There won't be one every day... I know myself well enough to not promise that but look for them following the daily card and we will see how it goes.
Health problems alert us to the need to adjust our behavior. Maybe its taking vitamins, getting better rest, but just as often its about approaching life differently. Healing is not always about body issues, sometimes its the heart, or the mind. The key thing about all the different forms is to notice how we were out of alignment with the universe. Life is better when we are in the flow. Let me know if you have any questions:

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