4/2  The Magician and The Teacher  

In the first row of the Major Arcana in the Evolutionary Tarot deck there is The Magician card at one end of the row and The Teacher card at the other. Understanding the difference between these two archetypes is essential for anyone on the path of self-realization. Each of these two archetypes, the Magician and the Teacher, represents a significant power to Manifest. The key differences between the two is the motivation for what manifests.

The Magician is motivated to manifest his desires. While there is not anything wrong with that, the benefit of what manifests may be largely for himself and for those close to him. With the Teacher, something larger is at work. The Magicians motivation comes from his ego and his ego desires while the Teachers motivation comes directly from the soul. The Teacher is hearing a call from a deeper place. The call of the soul is a call to participate in the realization of truths that contribute to the evolution of our collective consciousness.  With the Teacher, the ego and the soul are working together to realize universal laws and principles. The Magician may be manifesting something that others may not be fully aware of; thus, it appears to be magical to them, but it is something that has already been discovered. The Teacher on the other hand is largely motivated to bring forth a new truth, to develop a new understanding that represents an expansion of our collective consciousness. The Teacher serves evolution and evolution benefits the collective.

A Teacher does more than just teach, Like the Magician he is an example for others. A Teacher teaches by the example of the way he or she lives. The Teacher example is that of being the implacable hunter, never satisfied with just manifesting the known. The Teacher serves the collective good. The work may be beneficial to generations yet unborn. The pioneering efforts of Einstein for example, has benefited scientists who came after more than they benefited Einstein himself. The Teacher is involved in doing the Magnum Opus, better known as the great work. He is involved in the Alchemical practice of turning lead into Gold.

This does not mean that the work is done with some rare material; just the opposite. The Gold is found in the dense lead of everyday life. Our lives hold the potential for each of us to reach into deep spiritual mysteries when we see the significance hidden in daily living. That is why the Buddha says, before enlightenment: chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood and carry water..

© Richard Hartnett,H.W.,M. 2017